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PEDALBOOSTER® is the new intelligent control unit that dramatically improves throttle response and simultaneously reduces lag. Easily fitted within minutes to any “drive by wire” vehicle with original connectors. Liven up your car and put a smile on your face!

PEDALBOOSTER® is equipped with the one-of-a-kind Touch Control, thanks to which you can choose between 3 different driving styles, and a forth setting, the Plus mode, individual setting for an amazing driving experience

Increase throttle response of the accelerator pedal, reducing the delay given by the natural human movement.

PEDALBOOSTER® increases the reaction of your car, making your driving safer in every situation.

With a simple gesture choose the driving style best suited to your needs, instantly! Are you City, Sport or Race?

With the trimmer you can individually adjust the setting for an amazing driving experience!

The original connectors make installation easy in a few minutes! Follow the instructions and immediately reactivate your guide!

PEDALBOOSTER® has been designed and manufactured with all the requirements for safety, according to the TÜV electromagnetic compatibility.

#pedalbooster touch

Choose your driving style, it’s easy!

#plus mode

Choose your driving style, it’s easy!

in every situation

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