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Below are comments sent from our clients using our performance plug and play CHIPBOX and or PedalBooster. (normally via e mail) They have been inserted exactly as received, only their names have been removed to protect their privacy.These are comments from clients IN South Africa and not from other parts of the world. The comments refer to their experience after having fitted a CHIPBOX and/or PedalBooster.

BMW   Hi Just want to let you know i am very happy with the BMW, it pulls like hell. Thanks for your good service like always. Regards A

2012 Ford Ranger 2.2 tdci Hi guys! Thanx for the great service today, you guys installed a chipbox and pedal booster in my Ford and it made a HUGE difference! I drove the vehicle all the way to Johannesburg and came back to Rustenburg through Krugersdorp and the vehicle performed perfectly all the way. I can believe its the same engine! Thanx again, ill definitely recommend you guys to other people! -S

TOYOTA HILUX 3.0 D-4D LEGEND 45 Morning Guys   All that I can say is WELL DONE!!!!   The power is AMAZING and so is your service….will definitely keep on coming back and tell people about your fantastic products.   Kind regards   R

OPEL ASTRA OPC 2014 Hi Guys,   Some Feedback:   So i fitted my chip box on my 2009 Opel Astra OPC.  I then drove my car to durban.   I must say i was impressed with the module.  Cars performing really well.   The gear shifts are much smoother with the improved torque, The accelration is great so much fun.   I am really happy, I have this feels better than the stock software on the car.   I am keen to get pedal booster touch if it is compatible with the car.   Thanks guys

TOYOTA HILUX 2.8 GD-6 2017 Hi.   I’m quite impressed after a few kms done with chipbox. It does make a great difference. Thanks for a product that’s really works great.   Regards K

CHEV CAPTIVA 2.2 D 2017 Hi Dealing with you guys the experience was  awesome  i will recommend customers to you all  & i will gladly do business  in future with you all. Thanks. 🙂 A

NISSAN NAVARA 3.0 D unbef******lievable   Cheers, C

MERCEDES VITO 115 Hi.   Very happy and quite impressed with product and service.   Regards

OPEL CORSA OPC Hi   I loved it, It made a big difference in the performance also made it lighter on fuel, Would definitely recommend it to anyone that wants to improve their performance, would also buy one  again in future for my new vehicle   Thanks so much

GOLF 7 GTI I cant imagine driving my gti without the chipbox! Power all the way!

 2016 MERCEDES-BENZ  220 CDI  Good day and thank you. I am pleasantly surprised with the results, being quite sceptical before i purchased your product. See attached proof of fuel consumption improvement over 200km trips comparison. The first is from filling up reset and the second is from restart leaving your premises…. 130km/h…..aircon working and cruise control on… I am happy with this fact…. Power improvement is sublime…. I am completely happy.

TOYOTA  HILUX 2.5Many thanks for the great service and personal attention. I am very happy with the product and can already see the benefits. Thanks -M

BMW 730d Hi M Thanks for the invoice. The experience with you unit has been nothing short of brilliant. All the settings work properly and even just using the City setting has made the car far more enjoyable to drive. The responsiveness is so much better using the Pedal Booster and the car as I said is just so much better. Regards A

GOLF 6 GTI Hi A Honestly speaking, I never thought ChipBox would give me any noticeable power gains. Boy, was I wrong!! I can’t even put in words the difference it has made in my car, except for, WOW!! I’m yet to take-off hard on 1st gear, 2nd gear power is amazing, the power is something I have to get used to; Spectacular!! My car has become so much enjoyable to drive, it’s like driving a totally different, more powerful car. I was about the sell my car and get a Golf 7 GTi, I’m keeping it. I’ll definitely recommend you to all my friends. Next on my list is the Pedal Booster. Thank you very much ChipBox!! S

BMW M4 Thanks guys thought I had  a powerful car But you made even better   Thanks again S

MAHINDRA XUV500 Die installering van die “Chipbox en Pedalbooster” in my kar het ek met huiwering gedoen. Ek het eers probeer om alle inligitng oor die Chipbox te kry asook die aansprake wat gemaak word i.v.m. die kragverbetering en brandstofverbruik. Nadat ek dit laat installeer het,het dit gevoel of ek met ‘n ander motor ry. Daar is ‘n groot verskil en verbetering wat krag betref asook die reaksievermoë van die kar. Die “turbo lag” is in ‘n groot mate oorkom. Wat brandstof verbruik betref kan ek nog nie werklik sê nie. Dit sal hopelik oor ‘n tydperk aan die lig kom. Daar is in elk geval nie ‘n verswakking nie. Tot op hede kan ek met oortuiging sê dat ek in alle opsigte tevrede is. Die Chipbox het my verwagtinge oortref en kan dit sonder voorbehoud aanbeveel. My dank aan J wat alles voor die tyd verduidelik het en my vrae beantwoord het.   H

FORD RANGER 3.2  To the Chipbox Team I would just like to thank you for the outstanding service and product fitted to my 2013 Ford Ranger 3.2 Supercab Automatic. The pedal booster and the chipbox has made a big difference and my vehicle is so much more enjoyable to drive now. The staff is extremely friendly and the unit was installed immediately without any trouble. I have done approximately 20000km with the unit installed and have not had a hint of a problem. I would definitely recommend Chipbox to all my friends and family. Thank You J

BMW X5 Hi J I would just like to thanks you and your team on outstanding service for the last five years. I have had your Chipbox and PedalBooster in several of my BMW X5s since 2011 and it has being a absolute joy to drive giving me lot more power and torque. Thanks once again much appretiated. Regards J

AUDI S3 Thank you for your great service. It was a pleasure working with you from the first phone call. My husband is very excited and satisfied with the product itself. Not that I am not but I’m sure “it’s a guy thing” . J We’ll definitely recommend you to others and I’m sure you will be seeing us soon. Have a great day Looking forward to hear from you Kind Regards C

VW AMAROK 90 kW “Brilliant service and delivery from the minute I visited the website. Its great dealing with companies and people who are passionate and efficient to BOOT!!”

FORD RANGER 3.2 To the Chipbox Team I would just like to thank you for the outstanding service and product fitted to my 2013 Ford Ranger 3.2 Supercab Automatic. The pedal booster and the chipbox has made a big difference and my vehicle is so much more enjoyable to drive now. The staff is extremely friendly and the unit was installed immediately without any trouble. I have done approximately 20000km with the unit installed and have not had a hint of a problem. I would definitely recommend Chipbox to all my friends and family. Thank You J

RENAULT MEGANE RS 275 TROPHY Hi Guys Thanks once again for a great product, the chipbox has really enhanced the performance of my car and reduced my fuel economy, so two thumbs up to the team at Planetron. They were very accommodating and reassuring which made the whole experience that much better, I can defiantly recommend them to all turbo car users being it petrol or diesel. Kind Regards D

VW GOLF 7R  To the Chipbox Team I have to say that I have been very happy with the Chipbox that was fitted to my 2015 Golf 7R last year.  From the moment the chip was installed I immediately noticed the quicker gear changes and a very noticeable increase in acceleration and power. I also didn’t think that more power could be extracted from the motor without doing a more serious conversion like putting on a bigger turbo. Well I was wrong, the stage 2 Chipbox has completely blown me away and the difference between stage 1 & 2 is unbelievable. Thank you Chipbox, you have really outdone yourselves! Kindest Regards A

TOYOTA HILUX 2.8 2016  Hi No problem my bakkie is pulling lekker I really enjoy the extra power but will put n nice comment on facebook. Thanks alot I enjoy my chip. B

VW TOUAREG Love your products love the team love the professionalism REGARDS L

TOYOTA HILUX 3.0D4D Hi, Tested the unit and seems like fuel consumption better ie was 10km/litre now 11.5 km/litre. Overall better performance.

FIAT 500 ABARTH ESSEESSE Hi There Hope all is well. Sorry for my late response. Got both Chipbox and pedal booster installed and must admit that the pedal booster works very well with the Chipbox. Really feel an improvement in power and less turbo lag. Thanks for the great service. J

VW POLO GTI 2016  Good day, My experience was great! My polo gti is feeling great and well worth it. Friendly service and very professional T

BMW F10 M5  Dear Chipbox I would just like to let you know that since you put my chip in my car i have never been happier that car is like a whole new ball game . Thank you for the great service. Kind regards S


FORD FIGO 1.4TDCI  Great service !! The pedal booster product is awesome and it really works. I will most definitely get the chip box for my ford figo 1.4 tdci. R

FORD RANGER PEDAL BOOSTER Evening J, What a pleasure I cannot believe the difference to this Rook and Kook Ford, I am going to buy the Chip as well. Thank you  a  WONDERFULL PRODUCT!!!!!!! Regards S

TOYOTA HILUX DAKAR 3.0 D4D Hi I have a chip installed in my Dakar 3 d4d  and i am very happy , could you let me know i you have one for the Suzuki grand vitara summit 2.4 Regards R

2014 FORD RANGER PEDAL BOOSTER Hi Thank you for your fast and excellent service! I fitted the pedal booster into my 2014 Ford Ranger D/C with ease and what a difference! I tried various settings and settled on the one most suitable for my driving. It makes a huge difference in the pull away as there is no more turbo lack and in top gear it just keeps on going. It feels like the vehicle is alive and breathing at full capacity! I am planning on a long trip to the Cape so i will be ordering the CHIPBOX as well soon. Many Thanks T

BMW 330 D E90 2011 Morning guys Trust that you are all well . My chip still brings me a big smile each time  I drive my car .You really have a great product .

2015 GOLF 7 GTI 169KW PERFORMANCE PACK Good Afternoon The two products they have elevated my GTI 2015 Performance Pack to another level….. its very smooth on the road…. Lightning quick off the mark. I was a bit skeptical at first….but after the installation which was done within 30 minutes , I am now happy….. I am also impressed with the professionalism of the of the staff members at Chipbox. They went at great length to explain the product and demystifying some of the claims  that are out there in the market about the unrealistic numbers. Once again thanks T

TOYOTA HILUX 3.0 D4D 2010 Hi, To be Honest with you. I had a ******** installed in my Hilux and Awesome power but had the trouble with the limp mode and had a guy who told me that Chipbox is the option to go, and it made my engine noise more in the commonrail. Installed Chipbox and must say I’m happy with the gains and the fact that there’s no engine noise or limp mode issues. I have a guy who wants to sell his secondhand pedal booster but told him I first want to check it out before buying. I’m situated in Centurion.   Also would like to know whats the highest setting to go on ChipBox? Currently 11 o’clock setting. Im happy with the product C

KIA SORENTO 2.2 D Dear Chipbox, I have one of your Chip Box products in my Kia Sorento 2.2 diesel., installed together with your MD and a guy from overseas, in Vereeniging 4 years ago. I have been very happy with this Chip in my vehicle, which has now done just over 200 000km it was installed at about 8000km, I would like to change it over to the latest Kia Sorento 2016 model, but don’t see any specifications on your web site, it still shows the old 2.5 diesel engine. Please let me know if this can be changed over to the new Sorento as it is basically the same 2.2 engine with a slight upgrade in power. Thank you.

PEUGEOT 207 GTI…Yet another comment Hi guys Hope you all are well Just wanted to thank the team again for all the advice and support on getting the most out of my car. I recently did some upgrades and the team pointed me in the right direction on getting the best performance out of of my gti. Thanx again E

TOYOTA HILUX 2013 3.0 D4D Hi there Sorry for the late reply, I just wanted to test the chip over a full tank of diesel and give accurate feedback. My bakkie has never been so alive! Believe me, I have pressed it, and it has never gone into limp mode. Obviously when you drive like a hooligan you can expect a worse fuel consumption, but if you drive regularly the consumption is a bit better than was before. The best of all is the low-revs power gained with both the chipbox & pedal booster, and the acceleration from 100kph to 140kph (for when you are overtaking) without having to gear down. It was definitely money well spent!!! Best Regards

PEUGEOT 207 GTI Hi Guys I recently fitted a chipbox and pedal booster on my Peugeot 207 GTI and am amazed with the power and the throttle response from my pocket rocket. I have experience on most other chips and tried the lot and could not get the “punch” and reliability from any of them. No engine lights or errors detected The vehicle got constant power and dont have  power los at times like most other chips. I recently took on a golf 6 gti from stand still. 1st gear i thought that this is gona be a lossing battle but in 2nd i took of like a rocket and kept the golf close to my rear bumper. My fuel consuption also improved from 12.4km/l to 14.6km/l (driving normaly wich seldom happens) I will definitely recomend a chipbox and pedal booster to any person. Thanx again for all the technical support and tips that i got from the CHIPBOX team when i installed the EXELENT product Kind Regards E S

BMW X3 2.O D Pedal Booster  Thank  you for the exemplary service with the quick installation of the amazing pedal booster on my BMW X3 this morning. The car seems truly alive much more responsive and surprisingly light … the 2L diesel engine change its character as if awakened from a deep sleep! Regards G

BMW X5 3.0.D X-DRIVE 2015 Good morning A What a joy, thank you. My X5 has suddenly become a pleasure to drive after plugging your ChipBox and PaddleBoaster Regards H

BMW M135i Hi, Please find attached Dyno sheet for my M135 only with Chipbox as discussed. Thanks am very impressed with the chipbox and results. Regards R$$$$$$BMW M5 (F10) 2015 Thank you. Always a pleasure working with Chipbox. I can’t believe what a difference your chip has made. Bring on any supercar?? Kind Regards S

TOYOTA HILUX  3.O D4D 2014 It’s done and it works very well!$$$$$$GOLF VII GTI Hey thanks for the help with pedal booster.plugged in the chipbox and pedal booster and I must say I just fed the gti steroids

BMW M135i 2012 Awesome!! Thanks so much guys!!! You made my car the performance bargain of the century! The torque is insane!!

AUDI Q5 2.0l TDI  Good day I noticed an immediate improvement in vehicle response, as well as an additional 200km per tank of fuel. I can recommend Chipbox and the Pedal booster to anyone looking to safely and responsibly improve the performance of your vehicle Thank you for an incredible product and impeccable service Kind regards D

BMW 335i J and Team Thank you for the great service and I can honestly say that I am very happy with my vehicle’s performance and this has been the best choice I have made in a long time, will see you shortly for the Pedal Booster and will send you a clip of my vehicles performance this Sunday at XXX . Thanks again and have a great evening !

TOYOTA HILUX 3,0 D4D Hi thanks for your mail . Truck performing great . Pls send contact datails of someone in 4ways area who can remove anf replace for servicing . Many thanks . A

Mahindra Xuv 500 CHIPBOX AND PEDAL BOOSTER Hi I used my chipbox on Xuv500 for 2 years now and on average with heavy foot got same usage as without the chip in town. But on the long distance there are a 100km more on tank difference. I could now do one trip from centurion to Bloemfontein en back and only fill up in JHB on the way back. Thanks for great product.

TOYOTA FORTUNER 3.0, D4D Service Good morning Friendly assistance with quick & professional service – thank you! Kind regards! J

BMW X 5 3.0 D Hi Guys I have really been enjoying my chip as it has made such an awesome difference to the cars performance .tks for such a great product   I decided to sell the vehicle and purchase a new one . Please could you advise if my current chip and pedal booster will work in the new vehicle or if it needs to be reflashed/reprogrammed or can I just plug it in and drive . Previous car:Bmw X5 3.0 diesel 2010 facelift .180kw & 540nm New car :Bmw 330d diesel 2011 facelift 180kw & 540nm From the spec of the engine I can only assume they are the same ,but I’m not 100 percent sure . Please advise Tks so much N

Lexus IS 350 Hi J, I received the correct cable and I want to thank you for the good service received from you guys, also I’m very Impressed by your product. Please inform me on when the courier will fetch the other cable. Thanks and best regards. N R

BMW 335 GT/fitment centre Hi M Hope you well. Feedback on the plug and play for the BMW 335. The client was very happy with the product. Thank you for all your help. Regards Z

Service You guys have good service quick response times and very informative You very efficient and easy to deal withJ Once I install the product and use it I will write back my thoughts Tnx Rgds I

Toyota Hilux 3.0 D-4D Hi Guys Thank you for a brilliant product. I was sceptical about the product in the beginning. My Hilux D4D now feels like a V6 and gives me great fuel consumption. Before at best I got around 11.3 km/l. Currently I do between 14 and 14.5 km/l. So the product in time pays for itself. Cheers W

VW Golf VII Gti Hi A I do not have time to send feedback – I am too busy enjoying the positive impact the Chip Box is having on my GTI !! Best Y

VW Golf V 2.0L Good afternoon J The customer with the Golf  Gti  is very happy , full of smiles Just thought I would let you know Regards G

Mazda BT-50, 3.2Tdi Hi, I’ve had great joy in your Chipboard and Pedal Booster in  my Mazda BT-50, 3.2Tdi,  do you have anything similar available for the current Mitsubishi Pajero 3.2Di-d, if so at what price. G

Toyota Hilux 3.0D-4D   & Mazda BT-50 2.2 Good afternoon After spending a year driving a Toyota Hilux fitted with Chipbox and Pedalbooster I have moved on to a Mazda BT-50. The Chipbox was installed on 580Km, the Hilux shown a big increase of power and the pedal booster made it much smoother with a big plus side on the fuel consumption dropping down to 6.9L/100km it was amazing experience. After 2 years I have moved on to the Mazda BT-50 2.2  taking it back to chipbox for the necessary gains and the outcome was amazing. I would like to thank the owner of chipbox for his professional service and advice. Kind Regards R

Nissan Hardbody 3.0L Hi Firstly thanks for accommodating me on short notice. The espresso was worth it. My 3.0 Diesel Nissan Hardbody has transformed beyond words. It has really become fun . A friend of mine, did not believe me it was Diesel, convinced it was 3.3 Petrol. Anyway proud to put the chipbox sticker next to my Italian sticker. Regards G

Audi RS3 Hi My 80-120 km/h has decreased from 4.10s to 3.7s (in 4th) and from 3.15s to 2.7s (in 3rd). I’ve previously posted that my 0-100 km/h decreased from 4.5s to 4.1s. Based on this another member from Cape Town has contacted me and he wants to install Chipbox. I told him to contact you guys, so you should hear from him soon! Regards H

AUDI A3 1.8 TFsi 2012 HI Carel Hoop dit gaan goed Die kar trek soos n bom!!! Ek is baie beindruk Dankie weereens vir jou hulp Groete

Nissan Hardbody 3.0L Hi Firstly thanks for accommodating me on short notice. The espresso was worth it. My 3.0 Diesel Nissan Hardbody has transformed beyond words. It has really become fun . A friend of mine, did not believe me it was Diesel, convinced it was 3.3 Petrol. Anyway proud to put the chipbox sticker next to my Italian sticker. Regards G

Audi RS3 2.5L 2012 Hi Was driving to work this morning and enjoyed it very much – it’s a whole lot more responsive now and the turbo lag problem is much better. Regards H

Jeep Wrangler 3.8L Hi Chipbox I would just like to thank you for the outstanding service & product that was provided to me this past weekend. The pedal booster has transformed my car and it just so much more enjoyable to drive now. The appointment was set up easily, I arrived and the unit was installed immediately without any trouble or delay I was given a brief description of how the unit worked and how I should use it. I would definitely recommend Chipbox to all my friends and family. Thank You A

Nissan Navara 2.5 Hi, Just want to say that I am very much impressed with change the pedal booster has brought to my vehicle, the increase in performance by means of the improved acceleration is unbelievable. Will definitely contact you again  for the chip box on this vehicle and maybe also for my 320 D BMW. Greetings K

FORD Focus ST 2.0L 184 KW Good Morning J, I had the Chipbox and Pedal Booster fitted to my ST on Friday. It feels like a new car, amazing power increase. I think it is one of the best investments I ever made. Special Thanks to G at xxxxxx for his friendly and promt service. Kind Regards, P J

Golf VII Gti 2014   Just want to thank you all again for the installation on my car on Saturday it is the best service I had from anybody lately and still can’t believe the improvement on the car.I might have sourced you another Golf 7 Gti the women must just let me know then I might come to see you again on next week Tuesday. Regards S

Opel Corsa OPC 1.6L Hi Guys I just want to start and say thanks for the great service Before i did the chip i thought to myself will that amount of money be worth spending on a chip because my corsa opc already had power but now i know its money well spend. I didnt expect that big increase in power and trottle response. Im really satisfied and will defenitly do the chipbox in all my future cars. Thanks for the smile on my face Have a wonderfull christmas season P

VW Amarok 2.0 BiTdi  (Hyundai Tucson) Hi there I have had a Chip box in my VW Amarok for 2 years now and have been very satisfied with the significant improvement in performance and economy. I even towed a heavy vehicle trailer with a Honda Ballade on it to Newcastle from JHB recently and the vehicle had no problems whatsoever towing this heavy load. The Chip Box gives significant improvement to a turbo charged vehicle. I also have a Hyundai Tucson turbo diesel which has a Chip Box in it and that car has greatly improved performance and economy. I would heartily recommend a Chip Box to anyone. Thanks P

Hyundai Santa Fe Hi Guy’s Thanks for the invoice….. What can I say…. over my 44 year driving history I must have tried just about every add on, clip on, screw on, bolt on device there has ever been on the market to get just that little bit extra out of the car of the moment. So you can imagine my high degree of scepticism when I was introduced to Chipbox…. however, after only 24hours I can honestly say that I am blown away at the improvement in power and torque delivery that this plug in device has achieved!… it hasn’t turned my new Santa Fe into a Formula 1 anything, but the change is considerable. First device in all my years to actually do what it says on the box!…. well pleased…. now to get my wife’s car sorted with one!….. many thanks. Kind regards, P

Land rover Discovery 4 TDV6 Checked fuel consumption after fitment and found it to be a saving of around 1litre/100km, not a significant fuel saving on short distances.  Will have to check whether there is a benefit on long distances. On the power side there is definitely an improvement on take-off speed and acceleration.  The car has always been a pleasure to drive but with the unit fitted it has become a great car to drive with instant power on demand.  The performance enhancements achieved have met my expectations. Thanks for taking time to  fit the unit works like a charm. Regards A

Alfa 159 1.8 Tdi Hi My car goes like a dream . Regards F

VW Amarok I am very pleased with the increase in performance and torque. Certainly money well spent! Best Regards W

Toyota Prado Dear members of the Chipbox Team Two very quick comments:


  1. Smooth, responsive and lively after I struggled through 34000km of lethargic and sometimes life threatening response from the vehicle (especially when overtaking on a highway). Tractability has greatly improved!
  2. Fuel consumption has without doubt decreased. Early indication of about 8-10% improvement on the highway at a steady 120km/h.

Regards C

Toytota Fortuner Great product! Improved my driving experience! The improved performance put a big smile on my face!!! M

Toyota Fortuner 2.5D-4D Helllo Some great feedback :How does 13.8km/l sound over 4700Km with four adults and loaded to the roof on a trip to Namibie sound,also last month from Centurion to Manaba beach in Margate 726km 14.8Km/l, with my x3 Children and Towing Campmaster trailer,back with strong wind and driving little faster to get home with strong head wind 12.5Km/L,the Power is great!!!PUT FOOT and 2.5 Fortuner gives the 3.0D4d a very good go! I do recommend this to all people that want more Power and even beter Feul consumption. Thank you for this product! Kind Regards C

GWM Steed 2.5 Good morning, As you know, I had a Chip Box installed on 10/10/2013, at your facilities. J also attached a Peddle Booster and requested I test it. With the setting adjusted to only about 25%, I felt a remarkable difference and decided to keep it.  The Chip Box also gave the vehicle (2011 GWM 2.8TCI – Turbo Diesel) a distinct power boost. As a caravanner,  I feel that this increase in power will suit my purposes admirably. I will gladly inform you in due course, what the increase in power and throttle-response will have on the towing ability and diesel-consumption of my vehicle. Many thanks for your courteous and professional demeanour. With kind regards, J

VW Amarok 2.0BiTdi Hi Our feedback is as follows: I phoned your office at 10h00 and by 11h45 the units were fitted. Really GREAT service! After fitment of the Chipbox to my Amarok 120kw BiTdi we took it for a “spin” – I was truly surprised at the power gain, and the unit was sold! I then also fitted the Pedalbooster – I felt an IMMEDIATE difference! My Amarok were now truly a fit and fast Ben Johnston! Goodbye laziness! Needless to say that this unit was also sold! Driving back to Potchefstroom truly put a smile on my face. My Amarok feels like a totally different vehicle to drive – money VERY well spent! W

Nissan navara 2.5  Hi, As requested by you, some feedback on the chip box that was fitted by you Friday to my 2.5 diesel Navara. Firstly, I must tell you that the chip together with the pedal booster brought out the beast out of my bakkie. The extra power and torque is awesome.

Opel Corsa OPC hi id just like to thank you guys for the world class product and say that it works like abomb. i ve really enjoyed leaving the friends at the robot and the plug n play system really works. id recommend this product to anybody looking to add those extra KW to there car. thank you chip box. kind regards L


VW Touareg V8 4.2L  Fitted a Chipbox plus Pedal Booster.The major advantage for me, driving the vehicle for the past three months,apart from the additional power,smoothness and instant response,is the total feeling related to all aspects driving the vehicle,improving the driving experience dramatically. ”IT IS A DIFFERENT CAR” I will definitely recommend both the products plus the high level of service to anybody!! Kind Regards, A

Toyota Hilux 3.0 D-4D Hi,The experience was very good. xxxx is a very “ to the point” kind of guy which I appreciate.  J I trust I will be very happy with the product .  I am very happy with the improvement it provided so far.

Land Rover Discovery 2.7 So far so good, will recommend it to others, makes a huge difference on pull away, no such thing of turbo lag!$$$$$$Nissan Micra Thank you very much. The Micra feels much more responsive than before, and there actually now seems to be a connection between the throttle and the engine!! Job well done.

Ford Ranger 2.2 2012 TDCi Morning Chipbox Team, Thanks very much for a great product, the Chipbox was very easy to install on my Ford Ranger 2.2 TDCI, it didn’t take more than 10 minutes, the power delivery is much improved in all the gears with a lot less lag on pull away, I can now overtake in 6th gear with ease. I will definitely recommend your product to friends. Thanks very much for the speedy delivery Regards N

Toyota Fortuner 3.0 D-4D Hi Yoh more power , better fuel consumption J H

Chevy Trailblazer 2.8 LTZ 2013 Hi, guys I got the chip box for my 2.8 LTZ Chevy Trailblazer 2013 and to be honest I was not sure about the amazing things people say about this product and goodness I could not be more happier with the performace and fuel saving the car now has. It has gain so much power and torque that all that turbo lagging is now a history and driving is more fun than before and  I cant wait to get a pedal booster to spice things up…… I will definitely recommend this product to anyone wanting to improve their vehicle perfomance at the same time saving fuel. K

BMW 335i Single Turbo Good morning I just want to thank you for the aid and assistance with my chipbox for the BMW 135i single turbo. It makes an excellent vehicle just perfect, the power and torque delivery is still smooth, but it has much more “presence” after installing the chipbox. Thank you again!! Regards J

Toyota Fortuner 3.0D-4D Thank you for that – your product speaks for itself, we look forward to doing more business with you! D

Mahindra Scorpio 2.2 Mhawk Good We fitted the chip box and pedal booster to a few mahindra Scorpio pickup 2.2. Mhawk and the vehicle do very good on consumption and power wise . With one vehicle with a 2 horse box we felt the best power and we also get 2 km/l better on fuel. I will recument to any body. G

VW Amarok 2.0 BiTdi Hi After getting the chipbox and pedalbooster installed, it definitely made a huge difference to the bakkie.Decreased fuel consumption of between 8 -10 %. The main difference felt with the chipbox is the increased torque. The bakkie definitely pulls much nicer in 3rd and 4th gear and with the combination of the pedalbooster, the bakkie’s power is immediately there. P

VW Jetta VI 1.4Tsi 118KW Hi Firstly I must say thank you very much for the professional manner in which you do business. You made me feel as if I’ve known you for years. Secondly……………………….WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a difference in performance for my Jetta VI (118kW). The combination of the chipbox and the pedal booster is like having ice cream and chocolate sauce on a hot summers day. YOU CAN SIMPLY NOT GET ENOUGH OF IT. I must admit that at first I was a little bit suspicious about the products (chipbox and pedal booster) but you have most definitely proved me wrong. The chipbox on its own made a difference but man o man……….once you added the pedal booster it felt like the car just came alive. No words can describe the feeling. You have to feel it to believe it. I will most definitely tell people about the product as it is as real and good as it gets. Thank you once more. May you all have a blessed Christmas and a wonderful 2013 !!!!!! Regards, LG

VW Polo 1.6 petrol Hi I received the pedal booster on Friday, fitted it the same afternoon and I am very happy with the product.Thanks for the excellent service. Regards J 2nd comment: It may be set a bit high at the moment, but I will set it lower if my wife agrees. She also loves the power at take-off now.. J It is set to about 3 to 4 o’clock now. I told her it will be heavier on fuel and on tyres this way, but I feel it is a lot safer this way. Don’t know why they make the Polo’s this way. You step on it and drink two ice coffees before it takes off. Now there’s no time to even open a can of ice coffee.. J Thanks for the advice

Client had Golf Gti and now has enquired about another vehicle. Hi, Thanks for the info.Know it is 2 brilliant products from experience.Will definetely take both when I come in.I’ll let you know when I coming in. Kind regards. P

Fiat Punto 1.4T Multi Air Hi J My comment on your products – i.e. the Chipbox and the PedalBooster – need to start with a disclaimer, for it should put my feelings in proper perspective. The disclaimer is this: I am not and have never been keen on automotive add-ons of any kind. Having owned wonderful cars like Honda’s Prelude, CRX, Type R and S2000, I never deemed it necessary. They were all stock standard and fulfilling in every sense of the word. Then, recently, I bought a Fiat 500 Cabriolet, simply because I could not resist it. Can you believe it, I actually sold an S2000 to buy an easter egg with a removable shell! The egg was great from the outset, and made me smile every time I got behind the wheel. Yet, I missed the performance of the S2000 and the CRX. Then I bought the Fiat Punto 1.4 MultiAir Turbo. Great car and great performance, but something that the Hondas had was amiss. Then your products came up and – after a thousand questions that you patiently answered – I bought them and installed them.  And now I truly am a happy man. The wolf in sheep’s clothing is now a WOLF in sheep’s clothing, a WILD WOLF in sheep’s clothing. Thank you for your excellent service, your involvement with your clients, and your keenness to know that they truly are content. I am not only content, I am elated. Your “add-ons” have done it! Well done! Regards V

Mitsubishi Pajero 3.2L D What a product,have a 2010 Pajero and took the 2012 model for a test drive and was impressed by the difference in power and response, that I was about to do a trade in ( only difference between the two models is the modified turbo giving it the extra kilowatts ) A friend then told me about chipbox and pedalbooster, after some research I ordered one and had it installed . All I can say is that I could not believe the difference and the way it responded, and most important I saved R200000.00 I would have lost on a trade in. To conclude , chipbox is an amazing product and most of all what you pay is nothing in comparison to the performance you get. Thank you Planetron distributors.

Renault Megane 2.0L Hello ! Ek wil net vreeslik dankie se vir die fantastiese produk wat julle aan kliente lewer en bied!Eerste julle kliente diens is wragtig PUIK!!! As daar gese word julle skakkel terug dan doen julle lekker om nog sulke diens te kan kry iewers weet dit is nie altyd maklik nie maar julle doen goed! Ek het die Chip Box vir my megane sport gekoop en is ongelooflik verstom hoe goed dit werk! Krag en petrol verbruik is uitstekend!!! Ek was soo verstom toe ek die eerste keer die kar gaan toets ry het nadat ek dit self op voertuig ordentlik op gesit het! Ek is een groot Renault Sport FAN en dis al wat ek ry! Hulle doen ook puik met hulle sport weergawes en baie mmaar baie ander HOT HATHES kan gaan leer by hulle! Ek sal REGTIG almal aanraai om die chip box te koop en gaan julle naam hoog hou het al klaar op kirlarney!!!lol Baie dankie vir julle puik diens en goeie produk!!!

Toyota Hilux 2,5L D-4D My 0-100 het afgekom van 18sek na 14sek! Thanx

Nissan Navara 2.5 To the CHIPBOX team, Regarding the unit which was installed in my Nissan Navara 2.5 DCI, I’m ecstatic with the tremendous improvement in not only power but fuel consumption! I would recommend CHIPBOX to any1 seeking a more responsive ride, accompanied by reduced consumption! Regards R

VW Amarok 2.0L TSi As written on the VW Amarok Forum. Hey Guys, I firstly wanna start off and say I was from the beginning I was looking for a plug/play chip system. I was very interested firstly at the (???) kit but didn’t want to change anything mechanically and was put off when I asked could I do the chip alone and they said its a waste I should do the complete kit. Then I found and noticed they already have the Amarok TSI on there website, I called them up and Spoke to a man by the name of “J P”, he was very friendly and explained everything I had to ask. He even offered to plug it in for me and test the vehicle with the chip in before paying for it, and if I wasnt happy I could return it! I couldn’t resist this offer and headed off to his offices, “J” is a very clued up and has a Passion for Chipbox, he even has direct communication with Italy as its his friends who he can call at anytime if we had any further questions. All in all the experience was amassing, I will definitely do business again with Chipbox!! Now to the part you guys all would like to know… My Amarok TSI is a different bakkie since the chip, you will have to learn how to drive it again as its very similar to the diesel models, but with Insane pull up top. I can now stay in a higher gear and just drive smoothly , before hand I had to drop a gear and rev the bakkie, now I just put my foot down and it pulls. The Fuel consumption is also better and the car is easier to drive. I used to find on the highway I always had to drop down to 5th or even 4th to pass. Now I just leave it in 6th and the car pulls. I was highly sceptical at first but it really works, you also have nothing to loose as he is willing to plug it in for you to try. All in all I can highly recommend the kit as its changes your Amarok TSI. + it only takes 10-15 mins to install or remove, no cutting wires or anything!

BMW 135i Hi, baie dankie vir jou en jou span by chipbox vir ‘n fantastiese produk en waarde vir geld. Ek het ’n chipbox en ’n pedalbooster laas week in my BMW 135i laat installeer in Kimberley by ’n profesionel werkswinkel. Ek kon nie glo wat ’n verskil in krag daar was nie, ek moes die kar van voor af gewoond raak want toe ek die pedaal intrap toe gly die agterwiele van die skierlike grag lewering dit voel soos ’n klein dragster waarmee ek besig is. Daar is net een nadeel en dit is die agter bande gaan nie lank hou nie want dis ’n ongelooflike lekker gevoel om die lepel bietjtie in te trap. Chipbox en pedalbooster is ’n ongelooflike kombinasie in ’n voertuig wat sonder dit alreeds baie krag lewer. Weereens baie dankie. J

Nissan Primastar 1.9D 74KW Hi Firstly, thanks for your very professional help and advice. Nice to meet with people that are still hands on.I brought you a very pretty donkey and drove home in a Arabian stallion. What a difference and an absolutepleasure to drive. Yes, I’m writing about a Nissan Primastar minibus 1’9 turbo diesel. Bottom end is much improvedand new I can drive in 6th gear and not have to change up at the slightest incline. I’m still adjusting the pedal boost to suite my mild driving style and am nearly there. I would recommend your product to any owner of the Nissan Primastar.It is a heavy bus but runs like it has a 2’5 litre turbo diesel motor fitted. If you need a from the horse’s mouth to your customer reference, my cell no is 0*2*1*7*8* (respecting our client’s privacy) I would be happy to chat to a unsure purchaser. Cheers, C

GWM H5 Hi I do not want to speak to soon but I think you have found the better combination now on my GWM H5.  Much better performance as well as consumption.  I still plan to do the pedal booster later. Thanks for the help and assistance. Regards J

Audi S3 2.0LT 2011 Hi I have an Audi S3 2011 model and just last week I had the CHIPBOX fitted to my car and I just want to say that it’s made such a miraculous difference to the car. The response is much better, there is no more lag and I have realized that the fuel consumption has definitely gone down . All in all a 10/10 rating for CHIPBOX Absolutely amazing product Thanks E

VW 2.0 Polo Hallo Just some feedback on the pedal booster that I bought from you. I installed it on my 2.0 VW Polo and the pull-a-way of the car does not even stand back for a 2.5 Ford Focus or BMW 320i. Die ding is oopgulp verruklik lekker. P

BMW 335i Hi John, As we felt yesterday the chip box has made an amazing change to my car..Torque is crazy and driving on the highway even in sixth at 120, it just starts to pull if I accelerate. I haven’t had a chance to see the fuel consumption yet, as I am driving a bit heavy footed.. J D


Alfa Romeo 159 TBi (147kw) Hi, I fitted the ChipBox and PedalBooster seperately over the weekend and I am impressed. I had my doubts that this would make a noticible difference, but I was pleasantly surprised! I took the sales manager (_____  ______) from Fiat Alfa ________ for a spin yesterday and he was really suprised at the difference. The car is still running in so I am taking it easy, but the torque at low revs is a big improvement. And of course the pedal booster makes it drives like my Mito in Dynamic mode. Thanks! Regards, K

BMW 320d Pedalbooster O my s*#t this thing moves like Jagger!!! Feels a lot more reactive.. Also I’m sure it’s more agile.. I now drive a M3d.. Whoo hooo..thank you very much!!! G

Toyota Prado 2011 Hi John My experience with CHIPBOX was wonderful. You have spend some time with me and convinced me of the benefits of the product. Your commitment and passion in what you do is really appreciated. I am very satisfied with the product including my friends who I also introduced to CHIPBOX, will keep on promoting your product. Hope the  CHIPBOX for the Polo GTI can be installed soon ! Regards K

Toyota Hilux 3.0L D-4D Hi John, Your product has blown my socks off, can’t believe the improvement in power and top end, well done John,  you have a superb product and I highly recommend it. T

Golf GTi VI That pedal booster is crazy, in a good way! Think I’ll play around with adjusting it a bit. Will pop you a mail with my experience with it. My car hit 14km/l this morning…after last week averaging around 13km/l…..definitely can see the difference of the chipbox again. Kind regards. P

Mazda CX7 Hi John, just a word of thanks! I am soooooo happy with my vehicle at this stage, my greatest concern was to have a system that will allow me to reduce my fuel consumption. Obviously it is a direct result of greater power vs the current vehicle mass. However, you have my vote on this…. I WOULD RECOMMEND THIS TO ALL CX7 OWNERS! Regards W

VW Golf GTI VI 2.0L 155KW ( yet ANOTHER comment!) Hi Though I pop you a mail with my experience so far. I must say the improvement on the car is incredible! The extra grunt the car is giving on the low refs is amazing! I wouldn’t have thought that there would be a night-to-day difference, but this is the case. Even with 4 people in the car yesterday it still felt as if it had more to give, the car doesn’t seem lazy anymore, not that it was before, but it feels much more lively! The car is also much more responsive. In the past it felt like there was a split second where it was wondering whether to go or not, whereas after installation of the CHIPBOX that seems to have disappeared. Thanks again. P

Ford Ranger Hi, A year ago I fitted a chip and PedalBooster to my 3.2 Wildtrak with great performance and fuel consumption Regards J

Pedal Booster Toyota 1.8 Corolla Hi there, all I can say is WELL DONE!!!!!!!!! Your service, assistance and feedback is absolute excellent.  Order it on Thursday and wala, Friday its in Bloem. Well done. The product do what it mend to do. I now for the first time enjoy my new vehicle  who unfortunately had a terrible throttle response. ( A natural aspired petrol 2017 Toyota 1.8 Corolla ) This product is a must for any natural aspired vehicle owner who just need that better throttle response to made your ride PERFECT. The installation is quick and easy. The product is of good quality and hope it will give me many years of service. As indicated in your product information part, it does not make your vehicle faster, and its a fact, but believe me the feeling speaks different. From a well satisfied client. Thanks guys.

Chipbox & Pedal Booster Thank you guys   “The increased power and torque on my new X1 2.0i is super smooth and the car is now even more addictive to drive”   I was super impressed with what you have achieved with the motor.   Thank you J.P.

FORD RANGER 2.2 Hi J, Just a short note to thank you for your friendly service today. My trip back to Kempton Park was fantastic and i could clearly notice the diffirence in responce and acceleration.   Kind regards J

Ford Ranger 3.2 2016 Hi.  My experience of my vehicle with the chipbox fitted is excellent.  The response on my accelerator is great and the normal turbo lag has also been improved substantially. Regards J

MERCEDES A 45 AMG Hi there, I am A    P   I recently got a peddle pusher and a chip from chip box and loving it! Best decision this year. Great service, friendly staff and an amazing product   Kind regards, A

1.6 T KIA KOUP I understand that you folks said that I should only comment after I receive the invoice however I can’t help my self but thank you guys for an amazing product and service! I was about to buy a Gti until chipbox gave my car what it needed.  That extra 20kw and 65nm of torque has really changed the experience of my car. I already got some friends who will be seeing you guys soon! See you soon !

1.6 ehdi Peugeot 208 Diesel 2012 Good day All has been fitted accept the touchpad and the car is amazing, more responsive “NO” turbo lag. Accelerates like a beast. All in all super happy J

BMW 335 i PEDALBOOSTER Good afternoon M,   Thank you for your email.   I must say that coming in on Saturday I was a bit apprehensive having never dealt with your company before. I met two very smart, polite young gentlemen who were so enthusiastic about their offering that I left your premises convinced that I was doing the right install at the right place. The product itself is working well and I am very happy with the purchase, but I am truly more impressed with the level of service and genuine care I received.   Thank you to the both representatives, they are fantastic ambassadors to your brand. I will be visiting shortly to purchase another product for my Fortuner and will almost undoubtedly be recommending your services to at least one of my friends who has a care similar to mine.   Take care and all of the best! Naidoo

FORD FOCUS ST 2015 Excellent product and industry knowledge.   Will definitely be back for the pedal booster.   Regards S

FORD FIESTA 1.5 TDCI 2016 Amazing product and amazing service. Product: The pedal boost and chipbox makes a huge difference. My fiesta 1.5 Tdci is now a little rocket. The ecoboost is considerably faster as its 0-100 is 9.4 compared to the diesel 13.5. Now I give that ecoboost a run for its money. Diesel usage is amazing got 17.2 Racing robot to robot quite a few times and 130 on the highway constantly. One of my best investments will definitely bring my next car aswell.   Service: The guys are very knowledgeable about the product and very eager to help. They do not try to impress you the stats they let you test the product and make up your own mind which is a big selling point. They also make you feel part of the family. Thank you Regards J

VW TOUAREG 4.2 V8 TDI Hi   I would describe the service and the final product as ‘fast and furious’. Short and simple.   T

2016 VW CARAVELLE 2.0 BTDI Good Morning   Thank you for the outstanding professional service that I received, when I had the Chip box and the Pedal booster installed to my Carrevelle. They really make a Big difference to the performance of my vehicle. I will be in contact once I have had a chance to monitor the fuel consumption , and let you know the results.   Once Again Thank you Regards P

2016 FORD  KUGA 2.0T Thanks guys. Having driven the car for a day now, I am massively impressed, your Chipbox product has completely transformed my driving experience – from boring SUV to fun and responsive, without being too much. Good job! Kind regards, S

Ford Focus ST 2.0L Hi Thank you for invoice. The service was absolutely amazing. I arrived on a Friday afternoon with no appointment and they made a plan to install a chipbox and pedal booster within 30min. Everyone was extremely friendly and I will even go back with coffee and cake just to say thank for the friendly environment. The performance of the car is not something I or anyone can put in words. The chipbox with the new touch pedal booster is mind blowing. It takes the car to a new level of performance and speed! Thank you Happy customer. T

2016 TOYOTA HILUX 2.8 GD6 Good day I’ve fitted the Chipbox and Pedal Booster in my Hilux 2.8 GD6 and this it’s awsome!!!. It’s got new life in it. This is now my second chip I installed from you guys previously in my Hilux 3.0 D4D. This is a Brilliant product I could not drive my car without it, I had my car for 2 days and there was something missing until I visit you guys again. Thanks C

2015 TOYOTA HILUX 3.0 D-4D LEGEND 45 Thank you for the great service and performance I received!! Regards P

2016 FORD EVEREST 3.2 Many thanks, Awesome Product, totally over the moon with my New “Everest” LOL, the increase in Power and response with the Pedal booster which I nearly did not take is Impressive to say the least, Awesome service and great people to deal with, many thanks again and I will praise you guys and product to all in sundry, cheers M

VARIOUS VEHICLES  Hello Planetron I have used your products in the past, namely the pedal booster and the chipbox, I have always enjoyed the results your products produce. The chipbox really improves the performance of every vehicle I have installed it on, it’s a noticeable difference on the performance and responsiveness of the vehicle, I would go as far as even saying there is a petrol consumption saving as the vehicle has more power in the low Rev range and less need to throttle the car to get anywhere. The pedal booster very noticeably improves the petrol pedals responsiveness. This really helps when wanting to pull off faster and to overtake, having a quicker response to maneuver the vehicle. Lastly the service from planetron is always concise and I really feel you guys go out of your way to explain what the products actually do, and how they do it. The quick and neat workmanship also deserves a mention, so thank you Planetron. Regards M

RENAULT SANDERO STEPWAY Good morning, Thank you for the invoice. Below my experience with the ChipBox and PedalBoooster installed in the Renault Sandero Stepway 0.9 Tce: There is a noticeable improvement on the overall performance of the engine. There is a lot less turbo lag with better throttle response. Definitely worth the investment. Regards B

OPEL ASTRA PEDAL BOOSTER  Yes I am very happy with the pedal booster I can not complain J

“NEW” TOYOTA HILUX 2.8 2016  I install a CHIPBOX on my Hilux 2.8 2016 . Baie tevrede so warm soos n kat op n warm sinkplaat . Vat dat dit kak. R

MERCEDES BENZ VIANO Ek het ‘n chipbox vir my Viano gekoop by J en wat n goeie diens. Ek het n exclusive woonwa gesleep met my Viano en wat n verskil. Nou het ek my Viano verkoop en n ML gekoop en my chip op my ML gesit deur J en wow wat n verskil en buiten die verskil dit proffessionale diens wat deur J en sy span gelewer is, is uiters puik. Baie dankie vir uiterse goeie diens ontvang in ‘n lang tyd deur iemand wat nog ‘n passie het vir wat hul doen. Nogmaals dankie vir puik produk. K

HYUNDAI i10 Hi Thank you for the great service today. I can most definitely feel the difference in the throttle response. The car feels more “Alive” Kind Regards W

VW POLO 1.6TDI Hi Your product is superb. It was fitted in less than 15 minutes , demonstrated with a test run and the working explained. I am very happy with the performance increase , as well as the fuel saving .(+ –  1 litre less per 100 Km ). My car was fitted with your product more than a 150 000 km ago . Up to now ,no negative effects was noted . I can only promote your product . This was one of the best , and value for money products I ever fitted my car. Regards W

VW AMAROK 2016 132kw  At first I was very hesitant to have the chip and pedal booster installed up until having to speak to the guys from CHIPBOX who changed my mind totally ofter explaining how the product works and what it can do for my VW Amorok I find the product to be very responsive and lot more powerful thanks to CHIPBOX I am very pleased and will definitely refer CHIPBOX to any one looking for a quality product.   Thanks to the guys at The planetron Team !!!! Regards J

BMW X3 2.0D  Thanks a lot, very happy with the product! D

NISSAN QASHQAI Good day Bought the pedal booster. Quicker response at low rpm. Great result. Thank you. Now. If the pedal booster can do that! I am intrigued what results may be with the chipbox! T.

BMW Z4 2.0 i T Hi I previously had Z4 amd had a unit from you guys o was very happy with. Do you make for normally aspirated cars as with my Audi v8?

PEDAL BOOSTERS FOR NUMEROUS VEHICLES Service and your products is verry good.

2012 AUDI Q5 2.0 TFSI 155kw Great love it.  My Q5 feels like a beast thx guys J and A Regards L

PEDAL BOOSTER FOR TOYOTA HILUX AND POLO TSI Good afternoon I would just like to give you the feedback on the Pedalboosters that I received from you this week. One for the polo tsi and the other for the toyota Hilux. I have installed both of the Pedalboosters and they work great! It’s a huge improvement in the responsiveness of the vehicle, my turbolag is something of the past as well. I just want to thank you for the great product that you’re selling, it was a pleasure doing business with you. Kind regards A

TOYOTA HILUX 3.0 D4D DAKAR 2015 Hi all, Thank you for your awesome service. My Hilux is a now a different vehicle and is fun to drive, the difference in performance is incredible. And to make it better the fuel consumption is improved as well….. Regards…

MERCEDES VIANO 2.2 DIESEL HI CHIPBOX PEOPLE I just want to let you know how happy i am with this product i bought the chip box and the pedal booster from you and fitted on my Viano 2.2 diesel Merc . this was the best move i ever made. I towing ‘n Jurgens Exclusive double wheeler. before this Viano was battle to tow this caravan specially up hills my torque and consumption did go up. I do not know by how match torque i gain but i gain more than enough to pull this caravan from Durban uphill to Pietermaritzburg and pass slow 4×4 pickup and trucks and increase klm on the uphill average a speed of 110 km up hill, I tow this caravan easy know at 140 km and must just keep my food light on the pedal. My consumption when towing was before 7.5 to 8 average know it is 9-10 km per liter. Without the Caravan i need to turn the booster and the chip box down from 10 o’clock to 8 o’clock and my consumption went up to 12 km per liter on urban and highway. Thanks for the persons hoe make this happened P K P

MERCEDES CLA 220CDI 2015 CHIPBOX AND PEDAL BOOSTER Howzit Guys, Great experience all round from the coffee, to the driving simulator to the actual vehicle testing. The product has definitely enhanced my car and I am very happy. Will recommend you to everyone I know. Regards S

FORD RANGER 3.2 TDCI 147KW 2015 Fitted chip box and pedal booster to my 2015 Ranger 3.2 TDCI double cab. Much smoother take-off and lots of torque, flies up the hills. A real pleasure to drive Too early to see the fuel saving position but as you do not need all the pedal pressure on hills it should result in fuel saving. J

VW Caddy 1.6 TDI Hi Chipbox Team Thank you very much for the Chipbox in my new VW CADDY Just like in the old VW this Chipbox made a very good change in the performance of my car. I cannot go without it. That is why I had it installed first thing after I received the new car For me it feels as if there is a V8 onder the bonnet The power and peformance is there whenever I need it. And I need it often being on the road all day long. And thanks also for the paint. I havent applied it yet. Very scared that I might mess it up. But I need to do it as it is going to improve the looks on my car I will come show you when it is done Once again thank you H

FORD FIESTA ST 2015 Hi Chipbox team, A few months ago I brought u my  POLO GTi (1.4 Tsi) to sort out after I fitted a  online bought  DIY  ****CHIP ,causing nothing but errors…burps..farts… and dead spots. U fitted a CHIPBOX and pedalbooster for me and help cleared all my errors caused by that DIY  ****chip,this  whilst I enjoyed a warm cup of coffee..Not only did U garentee your product, but I also made the 150kw suggested by your product.U turned my Polo into a little monster… Today I brought u my new FORD Fiesta ST and fitted the same products, and again same result… instant extra power and perfect pedal response, I can honestly say that  this ST is gonna bully alot of bigger cars,same way my Polo Gti does. J I can honestly recommend your product to anyone that wants to enjoy the real pleasures of a fine tuned car. Thank you again for the professional service and perfect installations. J

BMW M5 F10 V8 (COMMENT AFTER REMOVING THE CHIPBOX BEFORE SERVICE) Sorted it out thanks It now feeling like a 320 S

GOLF 7 GTI AND RENAULT CLIO RS CUP 2000 To: The Chipbox Team About 1 1/2 years ago J’s Team fitted a Chipbox and pedal booster to my brand new Golf7 GTI, at first I was skeptical and after my first drive back home to Vereeniging , after the Chipbox and pedal booster was installed, I had a smile from ear to ear all the way home. This transformed my Golf 7 GTI to another performance level I had yet to experience from day one of driving the car out of the show room floor, it was like a day and night difference to the performance When I purchased for my wife a brand new Renault Clio Cup RS 2000, my wife and I were extremely disappointed with the performance of the car straight off the show room floor, and with knowing what the Chipbox did for my GTI, I paid The Chipbox team a second visit in Centurion and had the pedal booster and Chipbox fitted to the Renault RS. After the fitment, i went for a test drive with the Chipbox technician, and WOW, we had only got two blocks down the road, and I said no need to go on further and I turned back to make payment. I would like to tell anyone considering to chip there turbo performance vehicle, that if they install a Chipbox and pedal booster combination which is made vehicle specific, that you will not regret it and you will be smiling from ear to ear like myself and my wife every time you drive your vehicle. I would also like to mention that I did not fit these units in both of our motor vehicles for speed because my wife and I I don’t drive fast, but it was for me to take away the turbo lag and lack of torque I was experiencing. Our fuel consumption has improved drastically as well. Thank you once again to the Chipbox Team again for a reliable and first class product that you sell, and as well in the professional manner that I was treated by your team as a returning customer. I’m one very happy and satisfied Chipbox customer. Kind regards H

TOYOTA HILUX Hi I am very happy with my pedalbooster. Regards A

POLO GTI Hi Hope you are all well, my polo still goes very well actually to well….. Do u make a unit for the Fiesta ST? If so can u post me the link . Thanks. Kind Regards J

PEUGEOT 407 2.7 HDI Good morning, I am very glad I have decided to install the Chipbox / Pedalboaster. It really makes a huge difference. The car responds very well and the turbo-lag is something of the past. Fuel consumption also improved by at least 8%. I will most definitely recommend it.

LEXUS ISF Oh, spoke to I about the pedal boost on the lexus. He loves it!!! The gearbox is much more responsive as well.

BMW 135I Twin Turbo Good day Please see below mails regarding the install that I did myself. I must say I did a while back and it was very easy to do. Car drives like a dream and the improvement is very good. Recently took it to a dyno day. A standard 135 ran 178kw’s on the wheels, mine did 225kw’s. Thank you for your service back then! Regards J

VW POLO 1.2 TSI …..Very impressed with the performance boost I’m getting….C

BMW M135i 2014 Once again great service gonna recommend you guys to my rich doctor friends who don’t know what to do with their money 😉

GOLF VII GTI Well done guys! Impressive improvement M

VW POLO GTI CHIPBOX AND PEDAL BOOSTER Hi J As u can see we getting the number that we wanted. Fuel is a bit ruff, but I have to admit I drive it very hard. I took on a Peugeot 306 GTi yesterday done by ****, he had no chance, left him start to finish… He had a ******* in, I gave him your detsails as he was amazed on my throttle response time. So far so good it seems to be. And  for the guy with the Golf 7 GTi. He drove my car and is just as impressed. J

BMW 330 D Hi J I just wanted to say thank you so much for the great service received from yourself and your team of staff . I am very happy with the performance of my BMW 330D now that the chip has been fitted , it is performing extremely well. Regards   N

Golf VII GTI Dear A Thank you for your assistance earlier in the week.  I WANT MY CHIPBOX RE-INSTALLED IMMEDIATELY. I am selling the vehicle as indicated but as this could take time I cannot bear driving this GTI as standard.  What a difference the chipbox makesm- simply put – it goes from plain boring to hair raising. When you are in my area do let me know so you can re-install. Thanks Y

Ford Ranger 3.2 It was a great pleasure to do business with the Chipbox team. They were very professional and helpful. Thank you very much. Regards. T

Toyota Fortuner/Hyundai I just want to say that I have installed the chipbox and pedal booster in my Fortuner I now have a different vehicle goes like a beast I have done the same in my New HYUNDAI IX 35 and have the same experience as in the Fortuner I can recommend it to all the petrol heads out there Thanks to a professional team as specially J REGARDS L

VW Polo 1.6 Tdi Hey guys Just want to say im very impressed about the chip and pedal booster . At first the chip wasn’t doing anything for me but after we went for a ride on the highway to go from 3 gear upwards was amazing could’ve feel the power immediately . Thanx again , telling everyone about you guys J

BMW 320d 2011 Living with the Chipbox and Pedal Booster Hi J, 2011 BMW 320d Sportpack auto. After 18 months and 40 000km with the Chipbox and Pedal Booster,  still very happy and still smiling to myself on a regular basis.  Thanks D

AUDI S3 2.0L 2014 210kw Hi A I was sceptical and tried to physically feel the difference by your place after install and left there disappointed.  I then returned home and first opportunity I took was against a guy who previously I was racing against someone who had a 1400 Super and Turbo charged with NOS I previously I would win to the quarter mile with about 2 car lengths between us.  This time I left him 6 car lengths behind.  He then started doubting his chip and and and….  Next opportunity I saw as a customer of mine whose A45 AMG beat me with around a half a bonnet length to the quarter mile and when I challenged him again he was more than willing to come to the party.  We staged and pulled off together and I beat him by 2 car lengths if not more.  He then re-challenged me directly afterwards but this time around he jumped the lights and even with the jump I passed the quarter mile a car length before he did. So dude in short your chip and pedal booster rocks!!! Regards J

Service I must thank you , for the great service K

Fiat Punto 1.4 Turbo Multi air. Dear J Thank you for attending to my problem swiftly, professionally and efficiently.  Your service, like your products, is sterling. Thanks to you, my car is on top form yet again. Best V

Audi RS3 Hi Just some more feedback on the RS3. I have tested my 0-100 times now with the Chipbox and Pedalbooster and the results look promising: Before with launch control = 4.5s, now = 4.2s. Before without launch control = 5.6s, now 5.2s. I now officially have the fastest time on the Audi Club of South Africa!

BMW M135i 2013 To the Planetron Team I would just like to say thank you to”J”and his team for the service and great products that they provide. From when you walk into office till when you leave the yard with your unit installed and your car running like a dream you feel part of the “planetron” family. My father has a got a BMW M135i and it was quick. he always want the car faster and better. I check on the web for different chips and”J”was the only one I spoke to that treated me with respect and explained the whole chip story to me. I told my father about Chipbox and within 30min we were in the car on the way to Pretoria to have a unit fitted. when we left there my father had the biggest smile on his face. The difference in performance was more than we had expected. Two weeks later I took my little OPC in and had the Chipbox installed as well as a Peddle Booster. WOW. It is fantastic and so much fun to drive. Once again. Thanks guys. This is the type of service that will make you guys a success Regards C

Toyota Hilux D4D Hi Well my pedal booster  I have had in my Toyota Hilux D/Cab D4D now for about two weeks, and I am over the moon with it! So simple to connect and it works really really very well! Driving long distances is now better than ever before and just that feeling of that pulling power also feels great! Regards L

Toyota Hilux D4D Hi Well my pedal booster  I have had in my Toyota Hilux D/Cab D4D now for about two weeks, and I am over the moon with it! So simple to connect and it works really really very well! Driving long distances is now better than ever before and just that feeling of that pulling power also feels great! Regards L

Audi RS3 Hi Just some more feedback on the RS3. I have tested my 0-100 times now with the Chipbox and Pedalbooster and the results look promising: Before with launch control = 4.5s, now = 4.2s. Before without launch control = 5.6s, now 5.2s. I now officially have the fastest time on the Audi Club of South Africa!

BMW 320i 2013 135KW Good day, Hope you are well. I am happy with the chipbox. The top end power delivery is very smooth. I drove 300km between PTA and JHB this week and ended up with a 6.1l/100km fuel consumption. It used to be 6.4l/100km. Thank you for the good service and backup support. Regards F

Ford Ranger 2.2 Thanks for the really cool product and friendly service. T

Alfa Romeo Giulietta 1.8T I honestly appreciate the effort and work that you guys put in . I like the fact that you guys were persistent and hardworking to make sure everything is well with the car. Thank you guys for always remaining professional and I will recommend you guys to my friends. F

BMW 135i twin turbo Hi, After doing a fair amount of homework on the various performance software products out there for my 135i, I ultimately decided on ChipBox. What ultimately drew me to the product was the level of professionalism exhibited by “x” when we first spoke on the phone. During my first drive after the tune I immediately felt a heightened sense of “urgency” in the car… and after fitting the PedalBooster, the improved throttle response really made the car come alive. What is even better about it, is the fact that it is safe and reliable power- that is the key differentiator in this product offering. I can really recommend this product to my fellow 135i owners- it really just rounds off an already brilliant car!

Toyota 2.5 D-4D Good Day Thx for a very good product. Installed mine yesterday on my Toyota Raider 2.5 D4D (2013 Model). What a hudge diverence, much more powerfull and no more Turbo lack, feels like a 3.0 D4D. I believe there will be a diverence in towing aswell. Can recommend this to anyone. Thanks again. Regards L

Nissan Juke 1.6 2013 Good Morning Team Yesterday I had you install the Pedal Booster to my Nissan Juke, believe it or not the recommendation was actually made by my local Nissan dealer, and lets just say…………….Freakin unfreal, I thought it’s all sales hype, I was wrong, I’m Impressed, Very Impressed, the throttle response is practically instant, and cant wait for you…….. C

132KW VW Jetta 2.0 Tfsi Hi, Thank you for the prompt and diligent service. I would like to say thank you and the the team at Chip Box for the great service. I have noted a difference in overall power and most importantly I now get approximately 100kms more per tank and that’s more local driving not even on the open road. Kind regards M

Nissan Juke 1.6 2013 Good Morning Team Yesterday I had you install the Pedal Booster to my Nissan Juke, believe it or not the recommendation was actually made by my local Nissan dealer, and lets just say…………….Freakin unfreal, I thought it’s all sales hype, I was wrong, I’m Impressed, Very Impressed, the throttle response is practically instant, and cant wait for you……..

Toyota Fortuner Excellent product – basically converted my “truck” to a normal vehicle as far as performance goes! Suggest you try to create as much awareness as possible with car dealer salesmen. I went with their recommendation as this is the most credible and reliable reference a client can use when making a selection from the many types of these systems on the market. S

Toyota Fortuner Love the product, I have the fuel consumption I want, and the power I need, especially towing a caravan. R

VW Polo 1.6 Tdi 2012 Chipbox + PedalBooster Ekt nou al kla die chipbox in gesit dit maak n groot verskil ek moet nou net nog die pedalbooster in sit en ek ry die 20ste september op jhb toe dan sal ek hom goed kan toets Hey ek wil net se baie danki ek het my pedalbooster gekry en wil ook net se baie danki vir die goeie diens. Dit was die beste ooit baie danki. G

Toyota Fortuner The fact that I could try the chipbox before buying was a great bonus. The improvement in the overall performance has changed my Foretuner 3.0 D4D into what I believe Toyota should have done in the first place. This is my second  Foretuner and for me it is a good vehicle and good value for money but lacked the overall performance that would make it an amazing vehicle. The Chipbox and Pedalbooster did this to my Fortuner. Thanks G

Mahindra Scorpio 2.2 Ek het onlangs ‘n “Chipbox” laat installeer in my Mahindra Scorpio 2.2 Diesel Turbo. Was eers skepties oor wat ek gehoor watter verskil dit sou maak aan die werkverrigting van die voertuig. Die verskil was ver bo my verwagting. Die “Chipbox” maak van ‘n ouman se voertuig ‘n jongman se voertuig. Dit is egter nie al nie, met die “Pedal booster” by, is die krag onmiddelik beskikbaar. My rit Suidkus toe en tussen die berge was een groot plesier. H

VW Scirocco 2.0L Awesome performance thanks,  great product and friendly service, Raced an audi s3 with with my scirroco and he only beat my by half a car length over a quarter mile I had an extra person in the car and 4 x 18 inch mags in boot… J

Toyota 3.0D-4D Hi, I spoke to J yesterday about  my consumption meter on my Fortuner being so far out. I am very embarrassed, I noticed this morning that the setting is km/l and not l per 100km. So naturally the consumption reading and my range would be inverted. So thank you for the gracious response to my “silly”question. I have already written a comment about the install. But here is another one, not because of my blunder but because it is real. Pulling a heavy offroad trailer through the most difficult sandy conditions in Botswana I blessed the Chipbox and PedalBooster all the time. I think if it was not for the extra torque and throttle response I wold have been stuck many more times than what I was. I was keeping up with highly modified vehicles through some really tough terrain while pulling my camper. Regards G

Toyota Hilux 2.5 D-4D Thanks I checked the chip, it the correct one, works like a charm, turbo lag gone, pulls like a v6  🙂  Excellent A

VW Crewcab 2.0L Diesel Hi My car feels quite fun to drive now ,very responsive…….. like I used to be .Will let you some more feed back as soon as I did some towing. Regards P

BMW 320d Hi I hope this helps boost sales.  This is the mail you asked for when you helped me out.  Thanks for the help removing the Airbox plug. 2011 320D Sport Pack Auto. I’ve now been living with the Chip Box and Peddle Booster for a couple of months and wanted to share some constructive points. The car went for it’s 60 000km  service after disconnecting everything, no issues. I think to get the most out of the Chip Box you have to fit the Pedal Booster (PB).   I tamed the PB down for a while (My wife needed to use the car) and although the car pulled exceptionally well, you still had to plant the throttle to get the full benefit.  I continued driving like that for a while happy with the performance.  After about a week, setting the PB back to midpoint, the difference in response was again dramatic and made me realise how effective the PB is.  It’s addictive! I have also been surprised at the reduced consumption despite enjoying the response on regular occasions.  If it’s only consumption your after, then reduce the PB effect. The auto box on this car works really well with the Chip and PB, so long as you don’t set the PB too high.  I can achieve as low as 6.5 seconds 0-100 depending on traction control response.  +- 7.5 seconds  0-100 here on the reef any time of day.  Give too much throttle in slow corners and the 255 P Zero’s always let go, even with ESP on, so to compensate – if you really must, tone down the PB a little. Thanks J, still very happy with my purchase and the enjoyment from improved performance is still there. D

TOYOTA LandCruizer V8 4.5L Hi I managed to get the Chipbox installed! Thank you for all the pictures and extra effort to help with the installation. “Fat Amy” as the children calls it, pulls like a train! I am extremely happy!! H

AUDI A5 3.0L D Hi, This is the second time  I use  your product in One of my cars and I enjoy it even more in my AUDI A5. The performance  are great and installing the pedal booster makes the  response so much better, no more lagging for me . Thanks. L

BMW 320d 135KW 2011 Hi, The drive back to work this afternoon was interesting, the car is obviously more powerful but I think I need to adjust the pedal booster for a compromise between improved throttle response but a little less sudden forward thrust. The overall throttle response and gear change points on Normal transmission mode is now a lot more like Sport mode.e response and gear change points on Normal transmission mode is now a lot more like Sport mode. When  on the freeway the increased acceleration from say 140kmh  is deceptive in that it actually feels a little less immediate but the speedo is telling you a much different message.   It gives a more relaxed initial surge but a more sustained surge. Either way I am enjoying the different performance. Thanks, it’s fun, but scary to see how quickly you can easily cruise past 160kph. Have a good weekend. D

Chevy Unitlity 1,3 diesel Good day Chipbox installed my Pedal Booster a few days ago, and there is no words that can explain the differents it makes in my Chevrolet Utility 1.3 turbo diesel, thanks so much guys will be back for the chip…. Kind Regards M

VW Polo Gti 1.8T (BJX) 110KW Good morning John I must say that I am very impressed with the performance of my car since I had the Chipbox installed. The car gets up to speed much quicker and there is big improvement in power. Also I have noticed that that my fuel consumption has dropped a little also which I am very glad about. To be honest it is heavy on fuel in city driving, but when I was on an open road over the weekend I was getting a reading of 6.8 liters / 100km and that is fantastic. I am also very happy about the fact that it is also very easy for me to disable the unit and enable it as and when I wish to do so. Once again, thank you very much.

BMW X5 3.0D (E70) Just thought I’d send some feedback. While I’m not able to say I noticed an increase in torque (for the simple reason I have not yet had a chance to use the vehicle on my own), what I can report back on is the following; Two previous trips to Durban and back on speed control (125km/ph) returned an average of 9.7L/100km with just me in the car. Over the past weekend my wife and I treated my folks to a weekend in Nottingham Road (KZN Midlands). Four adults, a baby and luggage for the weekend, from Margate to Notties, with a detour into Wartburg to see a relative, and back again (speed control on 125km/ph where permitted and 110km/ph everywhere else) returned an average of 8.4L/100km. What’s of particular interest to me is the first leg of the journey, Margate – Durban which indicated an average of 8.0L/100km. Keep in mind that’s with the vehicle pretty much loaded to capacity and it indicated a saving of 1.7L/100km over my previous trips in an unladen vehicle. I know I made you work hard for your money on this sale but hats off to the Chipbox, the numbers don’t lie. I got what I paid for. Thanks M P.S I’ll send a pic of my installation if you’d like. My buddies couldn’t find it when I asked them to check. When I finally pointed it out to them they said they thought that was part of the original equipment. That speaks a lot to the quality of the product I’d say.

VW Jetta 1.4Tsi Good day I refer to you previous email wrt the removal and re-installation of the chipbox. I had to remove the unit from my Jetta 6 as it had to go in for a service. I tried to re-install the unit but had no luck. Will it be possible for me to make an appointment with you for this coming Wednesday at 10h00 to re-install the unit. I’ve been driving around without the unit for the last couple of days and it sucks. Only when it’s removed do you realize what difference it makes. Kind Regards, L

VW Polo Gti 132KW Hi just to comment on CHIPBOX To start I have to say EXCELLENT serves, did not expect you would drive 125 km just to install it for me much appreciated.The product itself is absolutely excellent!!! I had a plug and play(Chip) from a different company that was not even a third of what the CHIPBOX is. I will definitely recommend CHIPBOX to everyone.

VW Scirocco 1.4 Tsi 118KW Hi First i like to just thank you for your great service in installing the product yesterday and telling me all the things i needed to know. It feels like i am flying at the moment with the unlimited power at my disperse. The chipbox make a huuuuuuge difference but on top of that with the pedal boosters my 1.4 scirocco can now keep up with the gti’s. Thanks for all your help and a great product. Regards J

FIAT Ducato 2.3 JTD Thank you very much for you prompt , reply and delivery  of the chipbox unit you sent us. we are amazed !It is installed in our vehicle by xxx , and we are very happy . Regards, K and C C

VW Amarok 2.0 BiTdi 120KW Hi I must say that I was really surprised that the installation, demo and payment of the Chip and Peddle Booster took less than 30min. I have in 20 years of owning car, ever “messed” with anything that affected the performance of the car, and boy have I missed out. These two plug and play devices has really blown me away. I am not only enjoying the extra power and responsiveness of my “bakkie”  but I have now travelled more than 2000km since the installation and my fuel consumption has reduced from around 8.2L/100km to just over 7L / 100km. This chip will pay for itself in no time with the current price of diesel.  Best money spend!!!! Regards J

GWM Steed 5 2.5Tci Once again, thanks so much.  I cannot believe I am driving another car.  Brilliant guys H

Land Rover Discovery 3 Hi J Sorry for not giving you feedback on my chipbox. My wife is currently using the Disco to transport tennis players up and down from Cape Town to Stellenbosch etc so I don’t have a chance of driving my own vehicle.The guy from xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx in xxxxxxxxxx is VERY interested in the chipbox. He is servicing lots and lots of Land Rover Discovery’s and Defenders that are out of their motorplan.My Discovery went in for a service yesterday and he couldn’t believe the average fuel consumption that Axxx achieved with this transporting up and down in city traffic.You must keep him warm he will definitely purchase from you.Glad I could have been of assistance in this regard.Regards C

Mercedes C220 +  VW Jetta Good morning, I am certainly enjoying the use of the Padelbooster/ Chipbox very much, i’m comfortable with the power output i derive through the acceleration. I have reduced my fuel consumption extremely especially on the Merc because of the long range gearbox with a four speed gear changes. I’m on the whole impressed. Thank you guys,keep up the good work. Regards

VW Tiguan 1.4FSi 110KW Hi John, Thanks for an exceptional product. As you know I installed the chipbox only on 400 km odd. I came from a GTi DSG and had a major problem to feel the difference. I will recommend to any one willing to buy the product, is to get a proper feeling for the new vehicle before installing the Chipbox. I will tell you that the product do work like hell and with the 1400 engin it will easily run in 6th gear a moderate gradient at 120km/h without the nead to gear down. Loaded with 5 people it runs effortlessly. Wow the product is for real and the overall performance and overtaking experience is more that you will get from any other product. Will higly recommend to anyone… A

Toyota Fortuner Hi I have both the chip box & Pedal Booster installed on the Toyota Fortuner and it has transformed the vehicle! I’m delighted with the performance of both these excellent products. Several friends who also have Fortuners have driven my vehicle and cannot believe the difference in responsiveness and performance. Thank you, S

…yet ANOTHER Golf Gti 5 + 6 My name is N.. N….., and on the 21st of July my car was transformed having put in a ChipBox. I, along with my friend (skeptics of note) decided to put Chipboxes on both our cars. He drives a Golf 5 GTI and I drive a Golf 6 GTI DSG. We took in our cars and all I can say is that we were impressed with the level of expertise and customer service rendered by “x”. After putting in the ChipBox, the car is smoother and hectically faster. Driving the GTI, one is always subjected to racing challenges which I have always backed away from. Not to say that I now race or take up challenges, but some of my recent road victims include the BMW330D, and Ford Focus ST. That’s all I’m saying ? Driving my car now is the best fun I have ever had with my clothing on… It’s ORGASMIC. Thanks again

VW Golf Gti 6 Hi Firstly I was very concerned selling my CLS 63 AMG having decided to get a run around I had accepted the fact that I was never going to have the performance I once had in my 63 . I bought me GTI brand new and got your details from a friend the whole experience from the first call has been seamless ,testing your sirocco made me realise I can have the power I once owned . I have been really enjoying the extra power and torque and trying to race anything that comes my way … my friend has a C 63 we have raced on a few occasions his words exactly were ‘I can t believe it ‘ great product great service …. Regards C

Toyota 2.5L D-4D Hi my name is S….. B…… I installed this product on a 2007 2.5 d4d hilux. It’s as if we installed a bigger engine. Everything is better, even that huge turbo lag is gone. Thank you for a great product.

Nissan Navara Hi, Just some feedback on the chipbox and throttle booster you installed on my Nissan Navara, It is absolutely awesome, its a different car to drive and well worth the money, all cars should have this fiited, you don’t know what you are missing !!! Many thanks S

Ford Kuga 2.5T Hi John So far so good !! Car has been performing very nice, fuel economy better than ever ! I have not installed the pedal booster yet and will do so today…… Cheers D

VW 1.9 TDi Good day Thank you so much for all the help to help me install the chip. I found it very easy to install and got in done in a very short time. I have to say i am very impressed in the chip as are my friends when i show the difference when i switch chip on and off. Car is performing much better and is really fun to drive i am involved in motor sport (drag racing) run a Rail Dragsters and run my TDI in street car class when they need me to when people ask me about chips ill only recommend CHIPBOX due to the good service and performance iv received. THANKS ALOT FOR THE HELP Regards R

Alfa 147 1.9JDTi Hi Its been a week since I installed the CHIPBOX on my 2008 Alfa Romeo 147 1.9 JTDm, and I’m extremely impressed!! The CHIPBOX delivers loads of power, torque and reduces the turbo lag!! Driving around, it feels like a brand new car, and putting your foot down is when you really realize what you bought and what it has done to your car’s performance!! What I like about the CHIPBOX is the really easy “plug and play” function, it takes seconds to unplug it, play around with the maps and re plug it to have fun, and find the perfect map setting for your car! I really recommend it for anyone who wants more performance out of your car! It’s a real thumbs-up for the product!! Thanks C

VW Amarok 120KW Hi Just to let you know that I am extremely happy with the Chipbox installed on my Amarok 120kW.The increase in power when you put your foot down is really nice. Max speed increased from the stock 180km/hr to 197km/hr (on the GPS)Best of all is the better fuel consumption when driving like a behaved citizen. Driving at a steady 120km/hr with the speedocruise on I used to get 8.6l/100km (which is pretty impressive for a 2 ton truck). With the chipbox I get 7.4l/100km!!!That’s a saving of almost 14%. I drive about 5000km a month. The chipbox could save me about R700 per month. It will pay for itself in less than 6 months!!Great, easy to install product. I had my car to the VW dealer to check an issue on the diff (non related to the chip). It took me 3 minutes to remove the Chipbox completely and VW did not detect anything on the diagnostic computer. J

Merc 220 CDi & VW 1,9 TDi Hi, I took a real test drive in the Jetta 1.9.TDI DSG gearbox after the fitment of the Chip and my experience has been astonishing. I traveled a journey of 525 kilometers at an average road speed of 130 kilometers an  hour and my fuel index recorded 5.1 from the usual 6.2 liter per 100 kilometer. This is an amazing achievement while the power from the accelerator remains marvelous. I also did a test on the Merc C220 CDI and have realized an impressive fuel saving from 6.7 down to 5.1 liters per 100 kilometers traveled.Taking into account the present fuel costs, i don’t regret this move. Regards,Mr. M

BMW X5 3.0D Dear John, Greetings from Hermanus. I just had a “Chipbox” fitted to my BMW X5. 3 litre diesel. It is performing like a brand new racing car. I am incredibly impressed so far, now for the saving on fuel ! Congratulations on identifying a magnificent product. C

Scirocco 2.0 tsi Ever since I had the chipbox installed in my car it has changed my life! From the first few minuets of driving you notice a massive difference in power and responsiveness.There is no more turbo lag and you also notice a meaner grunt from your exhaust! I was really impressed when I found myself next to a Scirocco R at a robot. The Scirocco R driver had a huge smile on his face when he looked at me as he was sure he was going to win, but at the end of the race when our cars were exactly the same, his smile quickly disappeared! I REPEAT, THE CHIPBOX GAVE ME THE SAME PERFORMANCE AS A SCIROCCO R!!!……………. A

Ford Focus ST Good day, After driving my ST with the CHIPBOX installed I must admit that I find it very hard to complain or to have any negative comments about your product. Fuel prices went up and economy is down…that’s my only negatives whiles driving with the CHIPBOX installed. It changed the dynamics of my vehicle and the exhaust note is very distinct. To come to the real reason for installing your product…Power…well you can’t really compare the stock mapping to your product. The boost is much more instantaneous and it boosts longer up the ref range. Power gains and the feel of the additional power is hard to express in words but something every ST driver should experience. If you have a ST get yourself a CHIPBOX and just test it for a day or two…. You will be addicted to the sound of the exhaust and the additional power and all of this within the limits of your motor and without spending an arm and a leg on expensive conversions. I can honestly say that I do recommend this product if you feel your ST needs additional character. Thanks again for the product and great service… Smiling away…

These are some various comments from a fitment centre that has installed a number of our units.
1. We installed the Chipbox into a BMW 335i, Eina, what a improvement. Absolutely amazing, neck pulling performance. After the Chipbox we fitted a Pedal Booster for the customer, BRILLIANT, takes all the Turbo lack away & performs !!! Great Stuff. Customer extremely happy.
2.Installed a Pedal Booster into BMW 323i, Customer out of his skin !!!
3.My New Gti Golf VI, Chipbox & Pedal Booster, Only one Word – Brilliant.
4.My New Golf VI R, Chipbox & Pedal Booster, one Word – Amazing, only one problem, can’t get my dad out of my car !!!!
5. Dad’s A4 3.0Tdi, Awesome, went to Benoni the other day, cruising on 180 to 240, fuel consumption beter than before, the Chipbox & Pedal Booster have been tuned “softer” for the “old” man, BUT, it’s every rand worth….BRILLIANT
6.My Amarok 2.0BiTdi, I was disappointed with its “400nm”,  from a string of 3.0 Isuzu’s. Now after fitting the Chipbox & Pedal Booster I can now with confidence drive at 160 – 180 & still be able to slow down for slower vehicles, plant my foot +-50% in 6th gear & leave them behind. Fuel consumption is +-30% better (If I can drive like a normal person), BUT it’s so nice to have all the power immediately at your disposal, GREAT STUFF. A

Renault Megane Cup RS 250 Hi I would just like to thank you very much for fitting the “CHIPBOX” to my Renault Megane RS250 Race Car, for the Super Saloons race meeting held at Kyalami on July 23, 2011. The car performance was amazing, and the chipbox definitely reduced the turbo lag I had previously experienced. Overall, the car ran approximately 6 seconds per lap faster than it had done previously. I thank you too for coming out to watch the vehicle perform with your technology inside it. Your support is greatly appreciated. It was great to have the instant feedback from you. Kind regards R

2.8 Toyota Hilux Good morning, just want to say I’m extremely happy with all aspects of your business. I’ve fitted my 2.8 Toyota Hilux with the chip, pedal booster, Angelo has helped me every time, he is a true asset to your company, great service. I will definitely recommend you guys and all your products. Keep the up the good work! -K

Good Morning.
I so impressed with such a remarkable Product (Chipbox) and I was impressed with the product knowledge and information that was given to me by your professional staff member.
You will surely see me in the near future and I will recommend you to friends and family.
Kind Regards


BMW 220d Dear Chipbox

Thank you for the excellent service and support you have given me! I have never tuned my car before and I was always very scared to do anything but after seeing the support and service from you guys I am super comfortable and EXTREMELY happy with the performance of my vehicle!
Moreover the consultant that assisted me did not only complete installation but gave me a tutorial on other things about my car that I wasn’t even aware of! The service was not only limited to Chipbox which is rare to find elsewhere, so truly thank you so much I’m super excited to show my car off!

-CB & PB