After 10 years of passion in Hilux tuning, CHIPBOX renowned for vehicle specific performance modules ensures that serious development and testing has been done on South Africa’s very popular 4×4.  As it is well known for its reliability, we solely focused on developing a system that ensures that this reliability was not compromised at all, with mapping so well suited, it complements the already smooth driving style of the Hilux.  It’s due to this passion and vehicle specific factor, that we have thousands of satisfied Hilux clients, making CHIPBOX the more popular plug and play system in the market.



The Ford Ranger Raptor 2.0 Bi-Turbo has become one of South Africa’s most popular bakkies and one of the powerful ones out there.  With constant development done by CHIPBOX on updated versions of the Ranger we have developed a specific system for the Rangers, not to extract maximum performance but to improve the drivability and overall performance with our number one policy, which is reliability and ease of installation.


The Mahindra bakkies have slowly but surely grabbed the interest of the South African market due to their ruggedness and simplicity.  CHIPBOX applies the same policy.  Our units are simple to install in Mahindra’s and with our extremely rugged resin immersed component modules, complement Mahindra’s reliability reputation.  Tried, tested and proven reliability and performance.


With the new Amarok V6 in South Africa and being one of the most powerful bakkies to have arrived, we were very enthusiastic to see what performance we could obtain whilst keeping reliability and longevity our main priority.  Substantial testing and development saw us gain considerable performance with great drivability and reliability.  That is why CHIPBOX has gained serious popularity amongst Amarok V6 owners and continuing to do so.

CHIPBOX has once again proven why we are leaders in this industry with a specific system developed and designed for this motor.

We have yet again lived up to our slogan…

Tried, Tested, Proven, Reliable Power!