Tried, Tested, Proven

We are the official importers of CHIPBOX vehicle performance products, from Italy. Welcome to our site, we hope you enjoy the ride.
Our products are designed and specifically made for each vehicle’s unique engine and fuelling system. Our plug n play units are by no means universal, where one chip fits all; our units are specifically made, depending on the make of vehicle. This is of utmost importance when considering the safety and reliability of your vehicle without compromising its full potential.

Simply boosting your vehicle’s performance without pushing it beyond its limits. In addition to the units being made in Italy under strict TUV certification, our very own South African tuning team, designs, develops and tunes the vehicles on offer, assuring you of our 20 year expertise. With cutting-edge technology, synonymous with the likes of Ferrari, McLaren and other performance motors, as well as Toyota, Ford and VW we have thousands of happy clients that boast a powerful, smooth and rewarding drive.

Whether you own a turbo diesel or turbo petrol, Bakkie or performance car we have a performance chip that will safely optimise your engine.