Warranties and Policies

3 year extensive product warranty

Three (3) Year Extensive Product Warranty.

CHIPBOX has been developing, tuning and manufacturing performance units since 1998. Our production specialists do extensive research and testing in order to develop durable and reliable products. As technology evolves so do our performance modules which makes us leaders in today’s marketplace. It is with this confidence and pride that we offer a Three Year Product Warranty.

Beware of enticing and unrealistic guarantees. We suggest you read the fine print carefully.


Engine Warranty

Although this may sound as a great proposition and usually used as a marketing tactic by some tuning companies to offer you peace of mind, one must be very weary and ask the question, why would such a company offer an engine warranty?

Have they had issues in the past? Are you likely to have an engine related issue due to over tuning of the vehicle (offers of up to 30%) and therefore would need an engine warranty?

If you read their small print, one can easily deduce that it would be very difficult to get a claim for an engine related issue as you would need to abide to unrealistic terms and conditions.

In 20 years CHIPBOX can proudly say that it has never caused damage to any engine or any part thereof. However, should at any stage it be found that Chipbox was the cause of any damage to your vehicle, we would be bound by law, to fix/repair the problem.

Our name CHIPBOX is renowned for reliable performance and reason why so many customers of ours continue to support us and have been for so many years.