Please note that we are NOT here to “race” your vehicle. Your engine’s reliability and longevity is our first priority. Many out there boast unrealistic, unachievable figures, purely to attract customers. We like to take a more realistic responsible approach . Check, read, think,….make an informed decision. We WILL put a smile on your face, in a reliable and responsible way. Read on…

So you have decided to “chip” your car. A difficult choice for some. Who do I use? What form of chipping do I use? Well, here is some interesting facts to help you decide. You are about to make an investment to improve your vehicle’s performance, so it’s worth spending a few minutes reading the article below.


Firstly, you can make physical changes, i.e. exhaust change, removal of catalytic converter, adding or enlarging an inter-cooler, etc. This obviously cannot be done if your vehicle is still under warranty. If not, obviously you can, although it can get rather expensive.

Secondly, you get the so called “software upgrade” option. One has to be very careful of “who” does it. Once you are in the ECU of a vehicle (the main brain of the car), some tuners can get over enthusiastic and play around with parameters that should not be tampered with. Also, all the safety parameters on your vehicle are there so this is something one should NOT touch! You need to be very careful as going in and out of your ECU leaves a “footprint”, in other words, even if the software is put back to so called “normal”, it can be detected by diagnostic equipment as the ECU actually logs a “visit”, which could be a problem if your vehicle is under warranty.

The other disadvantage of this type of tuning is that if anything goes wrong with the vehicle, you are not in a position to “by pass” the upgrade that you have done. This means that you are unable to exclude the software upgrade as a possible cause of the problem, and have to go back to the tuner and have him put the ECU back to its original condition.

Then of course, we come to plug ‘n play units; a more cost effective, quicker and easier application for most turbo-petrol and turbo-diesel vehicles and especially vehicles that are under warranty. This is what most people prefer these days and accept as the optimum way to improve your vehicle’s performance.