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Please note that we are NOT here to “race” your vehicle. Your engine’s reliability and longevity is our first priority. Many out there boast unrealistic, unachievable figures, purely to attract customers. We like to take a more realistic responsible approach . Check, read, think,….make an informed decision. We WILL put a smile on your face, in a reliable and responsible way. Read on…

So you have decided to “chip” your car. A difficult choice for some. Who do I use? What form of chipping do I use? Well, here is some interesting facts to help you decide. You are about to make an investment to improve your vehicle’s performance, so it’s worth spending a few minutes reading the article below.


Firstly, you can make physical changes, i.e. exhaust change, removal of catalytic converter, adding or enlarging an inter-cooler, etc. This obviously cannot be done if your vehicle is still under warranty. If not, obviously you can, although it can get rather expensive.

Secondly, you get the so called “software upgrade” option. One has to be very careful of “who” does it. Once you are in the ECU of a vehicle (the main brain of the car), some tuners can get over enthusiastic and play around with parameters that should not be tampered with. Also, all the safety parameters on your vehicle are there so this is something one should NOT touch! You need to be very careful as going in and out of your ECU leaves a “footprint”, in other words, even if the software is put back to so called “normal”, it can be detected by diagnostic equipment as the ECU actually logs a “visit”, which could be a problem if your vehicle is under warranty.

The other disadvantage of this type of tuning is that if anything goes wrong with the vehicle, you are not in a position to “by pass” the upgrade that you have done. This means that you are unable to exclude the software upgrade as a possible cause of the problem, and have to go back to the tuner and have him put the ECU back to its original condition.

Then of course, we come to plug ‘n play units; a more cost effective, quicker and easier application for most turbo-petrol and turbo-diesel vehicles and especially vehicles that are under warranty. This is what most people prefer these days and accept as the optimum way to improve your vehicle’s performance. Because of this, the market offers many options of “plug ‘n play” units, so you have another dilemma. Which one, how much is fair value, etc? This is where you MUST do your homework properly and consider the following:

Beware of GENERIC Units

A “generic” unit is a unit (often a 1 plug unit for all cars) that is NOT necessarily designed for a particular vehicle, its engine or its fuelling system etc. Some companies even tell you that you can transfer your unit to your next vehicle. Be very wary of that. This should confirm that the unit is not specifically designed for YOUR particular car. Remember that when tuning a vehicle, there are different parameters that one has to adjust/manipulate in order to get the desired effect.

The CHIPBOX unit comes with 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 different plugs depending on the vehicle’s engine and type of fuelling system.

Our units are “Vehicle specific” and have specific chip technology for different motors and fuelling systems. Our units are Tried, tested and proven!

Choose SPECIALISED Mapping

“Generic” units do not offer a specialised specific map for your vehicle, but simply have an adjustment that one has to play around with ( trial and error?)

CHIPBOX units are supplied and/or installed with a specific map for a particular engine.

Ensure EASY Installation

Make sure that the unit installed is in an easily accessible area. Some of these units plug directly onto your ECU, which cannot be easily accessed in case something goes wrong and it needs to be removed or bypassed.

CHIPBOX units are installed in an easily accessible area in the engine compartment.

Look for the OVER-RIDE / BYPASS Plug

The unit that you install, MUST have an override/bypass plug. In case something malfunctions with your unit, you can then easily and quickly bypass the unit bringing your vehicle back to its original condition.

The CHIPBOX unit can be overridden within 30 seconds! (this can be done easily and safely by a male or a female driver!)

Choose an AUTOMOTIVE Designed Unit

Our CHIPBOX unit is designed for automotive use. ALL its inner components are immersed in a special resin reducing the possibility of any loose connections or dry joints due to vibration, simultaneously reducing the possibility of any corrosion, especially in the coastal areas. It also protects against water penetrating the unit as it makes it highly water resistant.

Install AWAY from the ECU

Our CHIPBOX unit is installed, away from the ECU of your vehicle, which also ensures that all the safety parameters are left intact.

Protect against WATER & MOISTURE

Make sure that the unit is adequately protected against water elements. CHIPBOX wiring harness, uses automotive, water resistant, vehicle specific plugs in order to reduce the risk of water penetration.


One is always attracted by a lower price, be very wary of what you install in your vehicle, don’t be attracted by a lower price. There is a reason why some prices are lower than others. having said that, our CHIPBOX units are extremely competitively priced.

TUV Certification

CHIPBOX has TUV certification, assuring you of a high quality product.

Look for a RELIABLE supplier

Make sure the company you are about to use is of good standing. How long have they been around? How prominent are they in the industry?

Planetron Distributors (Pty) Ltd are the exclusive distributors of CHIPBOX and PedalBooster products in Africa and proudly won their International Dealer of the Year Award for 2012 which has secured us an ever increasing support relationship with our Italian suppliers.

Choose EMISSION controls

It is also very important to know that being a European product ensures that CHIPBOX abides with strict EU emission controls. In other words, we are not here to tune your vehicle irrespective of fuel emissions.


We also want to inform you that CHIPBOX does NOT seek to extract the maximum power out of the vehicle, as this can lead to unfortunate eventualities. This of course also depends on your reason for “chipping” your vehicle. You do get the “tuner” that takes a vehicle, puts it on a dynamometer and sees how much power he can extract out of the vehicle. This is an acceptable practice if the vehicle is for racing purposes, however, when extracting maximum power from your vehicle that you use every day, one tends to reach critical levels which can result in damage to your vehicle.

CHIPBOX offers reliable power whilst still managing to put a smile on your face. We respect engine limitations and parameters more applicable and suitable to every-day driving habits.

Beware of "Improved" POWER promises

Beware of companies promising certain exorbitant figure outputs. Over enthusiastic tuners use this method in order to attract clients. Too much power may also have detrimental consequences to your engine. Remember that every car is different and every vehicle responds differently. One can ONLY tell what output you will get after a unit has been physically plugged in. Having said this, if you read and hear our clients’ comments, we believe you will be very pleasantly impressed with the overall results of CHIPBOX.


Our PedalBooster throttle calibrator, is also different from most other products on the market. Some similar units offer you 3 different settings, i.e. low/med/high. This once again is not an ideal situation as you then only have these 3 settings to choose from.

Our PedalBooster offers you an infinite amount of settings, so that you are able to set it to suit your gearbox and driving style exactly as you like it.

Read more about it here.


So, before deciding on spending any money (especially if the price quoted sounds very favourable), consider the above. We are confident that when you compare CHIPBOX with any other product in the marketplace, you will immediately see the advantage of using CHIPBOX.

Taking all of the above into account, visit our website clients’ comments ( South Africa based):

We’re sure this will further confirm the satisfaction we have provided to thousands of drivers worldwide!

We appreciate you reading the above article and hope we have enlightened you a little. We trust you will make the right decision. Drive with a SMILE!